Who We Are

Autism Family Partnership (AFP) provides individualized home and community-based ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) services for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. We take pride in our history of developing and implementing effective, high quality therapeutic programs. All programming at AFP is evidence-based and founded on the most recent research into the field of autism treatment. We begin all services with a comprehensive assessment of each individual’s needs. This allows us to build a personalized treatment package and create the most possible success for each person we work with.

Michelle Berlinksi, Baltimore Clinical Director, CEAS
Michelle Berlinksi, BCBA & Clinical Director, Autism Family Partnership

Meet Our Team!

Autism Family Partnership is comprised of a team of highly trained Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Registered Behavior Technicians, and Behavior Therapists. We are committed to providing the highest quality of services for the families we work with. Our goal is to produce meaningful change in the lives of the families that we work with. This commitment is evident in every aspect of our organization from our hiring, to our clinical programming. Our culture of support and accountability allows our clinicians to focus on creating success for those we work with.

Our Values

Empirical Decision Making

AFP is committed to the use of evidence-based practices with proven methods and results. This is true not only in our clinical work, but also in all other aspects of our organization

Accessible and Supportive

AFP is here to help with all aspects of ABA treatment. We offer insurance assistance, referrals to outside services, and access to autism related resources.

High Quality

We take great pride in the quality of our work. High quality for us means effective treatment with lasting behavior change, professionalism at all levels, and a commitment to the communities that we work in.


At AFP, we aim to see growth for our clients, our staff, and our community. We aim to produce positive and lasting behavior change for the individuals that we work with.